Element Word:

  • A
    • The light, the sun, the brightness, the justice.
  • E
    • The tree, the plant, the heal, the creation.
  • I
    • The water, the life, the dark, the tolerant.
  • O
    • The fire, the warm, the warth, the death.
  • U
    • The earth, the ground, the rock, the foundation.

Fix Word:

  • Sha — Order, rule.
  • Lafin — Generate, protect.
  • Vejum — Mobile, unstable.
  • Toriem — Destory, engage.
  • Kura — Betray, doubt.

E-F Word:

  • Xem
    • The disturb, the chaos, the discord, the fission.

Con. Word:

  • La

Long live to the king.

Isha la iusha u.

Have a nice day, everyone.

Usha la ae au, ielafin.

I will wating for you.

Uasha iekura la ie.

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